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About Skytech

We started our business, Unsal Yapı ve Ticaret Sirketi on March 21st, 1984 as members of a traditional family that has been involved in commerce for long years. Honesty and sincerity take place on the top of Unsal Family’s mentality not just in life, but also in commerce. The only way to be confident about the future is to succeed which can be achieved by following the paths of perseverance. We are so proud that we have reached lots of milestones and overcome the difficulties with the help of teamwork and a different kind of structure. Our company has been following the growing trends since its foundation. We could be able to turn those obstacles caused by continuous alteration into advantages without making any compromises. Today, we are so glad that we have been working under the umbrella of Unsal Group which is actively carrying on businesses in different industries.

About Skytech

What Do We Do?

Skytech has been continuing its commercial acts for our precious country by keeping working for better quality in consumer electronics and household electrical appliances industries.We are aiming to serve our consumers both locally and globally with our brand, Skytech. Hence, we have been living in a world where time and distance are the most important things, we decided to be based on Basaksehir. Basaksehir is located at the core of Istanbul which is the heart of commercial life.

Smarter than a Smart TV

We aim for our products to be coherent with Turkish users’ demands. Our products are being sold both locally and globally after passing some delicate quality control tests.

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